National Institute for the Word of God

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God can be served in many ways; all that we have to do is to dedicate each of our action to Him. You may help a poor, help a person who has met with an accident, or provide voluntary service in an hospital or help an individual to pursue his/her studies or you may even just pray Him for the welfare of the poor and oppressed class and that is again a service of God. Above all, there is another way of serving Him and that is by nourishing his faith in the individual. Serve the God by making another individual to have unstinted faith in Him and that would be another great service that you can give to the humanity at large. As one of the old adage says; God helps those who have unblemished faith in Him’. That is exactly what the Institute of for the World of God does. To quote its aim; this national Institute says it has “Dedicated to serve the Church through preaching and liturgy, in order to beget and nourish faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior”. Perhaps this can be called as the highest service you can do for the Humanity and the reverence you can show to God.

This national Institute was started in the year 1972 and in its long history spanning over 40 years, it has been conducting annual workshops and special prayers. The institute has brought out several religious books depicting the supremacy of Christ and spreading his message to the world at large. It has also been providing generous grants to various other Parish and other organizations. For example, in the year 1983, the institute has given the operating expenses grant of $40,000 to the Pallotine Centre for Apostolic Causes. In fact, you would find that almost every year the Institute has been providing such grants to various other Churches and other organizations.

The Centre has been honoring people who have worked for the cause of Christ and Christianity. After all, the Lord is present those people who serve him and if you honor such people, you are serving the Lord himself. Several Bishops and Priests and even other people who have worked for the cause of Christ and Humanity have been honored by the institute. Further, various other churches and religious centers like the Dominican third order St. Joseph’s Chapter, Rosary Centre, Holy Spirit Missionary Association and a host of other churches and organizations work in close collaboration with the institute. Because of the close interaction of the organizations, the National Institute for the Word of God has been able to render extraordinary service to Churches and to mankind in particular. The institute has honored several Gospel Singers and other people who preach for the cause of Christ.

As already said, the Institute believes in spreading the message of God to humanity at large. In order to achieve this cause, it provides every possible support to the Bishops, laity and Priests so that they would achieve the desired goal. The Institute has been able to accomplish its desired objective with the generous contribution from thousands of organizations and individuals who are the Disciples of Christ.